DCCA Champion of Champions 2017 – Results & Games

DCCA Champion of Champions 2017 – Results & Games

Last updated on 28 Dec 2017

The DCCA Champion of Champions tournament for the Winter-Wood Shield is an annual knockout competition between all of the chess club champions of Devon. (If a club’s champion is unavailable to play, their runner-up may compete instead.) This year, the competition is being contested by no fewer than ten players from across the county: Ivor Annetts (Tiverton), Stephen Clarke (Barnstaple), Brian Gosling (East Budleigh), Ian Gregory (Sidmouth), Steve Levy (South Hams), Tim Paulden (Exeter), Richard Pollock (Plymouth), Vignesh Ramesh (TBGS), Trefor Thynne (Newton Abbot), and Oliver Wensley (Exmouth).

Please see below for the results so far, and scroll down to view the games!

P1: Vignesh Ramesh 1-0 Ivor Annetts
P2: Stephen Clarke 0-1 Brian Gosling

Q1: Trefor Thynne 1-0 Richard Pollock [win by default]
Q2: Tim Paulden 1.5-0.5 Ian Gregory
Q3: Vignesh Ramesh 0-1 Steve Levy
Q4: Brian Gosling 1.5-0.5 Oliver Wensley [one long-play, one rapid]

S1: Trefor Thynne 0.5-1.5 Steve Levy
S2: Brian Gosling 0-1 Tim Paulden

Steve Levy vs Tim Paulden

NEW FEATURE – Keyboard control! Tired of clicking through the moves with your mouse? You can now use the arrow keys on your keyboard to step through the moves of the game (right arrow = forward; left arrow = back). To get started, simply click your mouse once on the first move of the game, and then try pressing the right arrow key!

Preliminary round P1

Preliminary round P2

Quarter-final Q2

Quarter-final Q3

Quarter-final Q4

Semi-final S1

Semi-final S2